A digital and caring employer

An employee experience to match the customer experience

That is the digital and caring employer promise Orange made to its 151,000 employees to ensure that each individual feels fully engaged in the shared ambitions of the Group. Delivering on our promise means leveraging the appropriate technology to accelerate progress in the workplace, prioritising career development and ensuring working conditions meet the everyday needs of our employees. The promise demonstrates how we place people unequivocally at the centre of our business and requires each individual to be able to see positive change in their daily lives.

A learning organisation

In 2017, we signed an agreement to champion employee skills and qualifications. In keeping with this, we’re continuing to develop the key skills we’ll need for the future and enhance employability by preparing people for shifts in their professions. This will enable them to develop soft and hard skills (listening and responding, using and securing data etc.) and priority expertise (cybersecurity, data and artificial intelligence) according to their needs and activities. Orange Campus – the Group’s training centre for managers – will open its doors to all employees in 2019 to help everyone prepare for their future workplace, helping them access training in new professions and even receive certifications or qualifications. The Group is also developing new learning experiences by collaborating with leading partners (schools, universities, businesses, start-ups etc.) to deliver easy, permanent access to e-learning via a range of mobile, immersive and adaptive learning formats.

Collaboration and collective agility

We want our workplaces to encourage collaboration, collective agility and creativity. That’s why we’re transforming our offices into modular workspaces that promote new ways of working. Opened in 2018, the Orange Business Services offices in the La Défense business district near Paris are a prime example, as is the new Orange Spain head office, as well as programmes open to start-ups and co-working solutions like La Villa Bonne Nouvelle in the French capital. Plazza, our corporate social network, is used regularly by one in every two employees, which also helps to stimulate a collaborative working environment and break down barriers to information. The Oz employee innovation programme offers employees the opportunity to express their ideas and make them a reality to improve the customer experience or their own experience at work.

Listening to employees and labour relations

We conducted our first Group-wide “Your Employee Barometer” survey in 2017 to evaluate the extent to which employees feel we are respecting our digital and caring employer promise, which helps to improve quality of life at work. In 2018, over half of all employees took part in the survey, and we collected more than 18,000 additional comments. Furthermore, Orange employees in France take part in a survey assessing working conditions and psychosocial risk factors, which is conducted once every three years. The Group also continues to sign and renew agreements with trade unions. In France, for example, the new intergenerational agreement, which was signed in 2018 for the 2019-2021 period, includes measures to recruit young people, help older employees prepare for retirement and ensure knowledge transfer.

Top Employer Global

Orange was awarded Top Employer Global certification in February 2019 for the fourth year running. The certification recognises excellence in the conditions that employers create for their people. Orange is the only telecoms operator among the 14 Top Employers in the Global category.

Diversity and gender equality in the workplace

Orange has been committed to improving gender equality in the workplace for over ten years. Today, women account for 36% of the workforce. We are concentrating on equal pay, work-life balance, access for women to managerial positions and gender balance at all levels and in all areas of the business, particularly in more technical roles. The fifth Gender Equality and Work-Life Balance agreement for 2018-2020 was signed unanimously by trade unions in 2018. All the Group’s operating countries are working to promote diversity and gender equality in the workplace. Five subsidiaries obtained the Gender Equality European and International Standard (GEEIS) in 2018, which brought the total number of entities certified to 17. Stakeholder dialogue for diversity and equality in the workplace was also deployed in nine countries in 2018 including Spain and Tunisia. Lastly, Poland launched Razem.One at the end of 2018. The initiative aims to raise awareness of the positive impact of gender equality on business.

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Promoting disability inclusion

In December 2018, we signed a partnership agreement with the French national employment agency Pôle emploi to promote the employment of people with disabilities, who now account for 7% of the workforce. Orange SA is committed to pursuing its inclusion policy and recruiting 150 disabled workers between 2017 and 2019. This commitment, which is shared across the entire Group, was the motivation behind many Orange subsidiaries and sites taking part in the United Nations International Day of Persons with Disabilities.

Equal opportunities and professional integration

More than 800 employees at Orange are supporting young people from underprivileged backgrounds into the world of work. In France and Romania, the Capital Filles initiative is helping hundreds of girls from disadvantaged or rural areas find jobs. In France and Morocco, the Article Un initiative is providing young people from underprivileged backgrounds the opportunity to access high-growth industries. In France, we are also supporting the non-profit Energie Jeunes to tackle the problem of school dropout rates and have created the Nos Quartiers ont des Talents initiative to help qualified young people from disadvantaged areas into employment.

Bloomberg 2019 Gender Equality Index

Orange is ranked among the 230 top per fo rmers for gender equality in the workplace.

Recruiting tomorrow’s talent

Orange is deploying an increasing number of innovative initiatives to recruit the talent that will ensure the Group’s success for years to come. In May 2018, we presented our services and diverse range of career opportunities to the public, students, partners and local authorities in 11 towns in France at the Hello Jobs fair. In September 2018, we launched our first social media recruitment campaign, #LifeAtOrange, which encouraged our employees to share the reasons they believed applicants should join the Group. Lastly, Orange Middle East and Africa is promoting its diversity policy with a programme designed to attract and train employees and external candidates with high potential for management positions in the region. These initiatives are yielding results because, for the third year running, Orange topped the #HappyCandidates survey, which measures overall satisfaction with the recruitment process among more than 1,000 employees.

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