Creating shared value for the long term

Customer confidence is key to everything we do

Our core business at Orange is to provide efficient and intelligent global networks for customers while ensuring their data is secure and protected. Building on this foundation of technology and trust, we provide connectivity solutions to individuals and businesses. We deliver network resources and enriched services to our operator customers both in France and abroad, in addition to guiding business customers through their own digital transformation (opens in a new window). We are also developing new offers in content (opens in a new window), mobile financial services (opens in a new window) and cybersecurity.

Digital technology to serve an advanced, informed and free society

At Orange, our goal is to harness the potential of digital technology to ensure meaningful progress for people, society and the planet. We are aware of, and have an influence on? the technological, economic and social considerations (opens in a new window) associated with our operations, and help our stakeholders to navigate this changing environment. Our business model is based on subscriptions, rather than exploiting value from the data generated by our 264 million customers, comprising individuals, businesses, local authorities and operators. That is one significant commitment we are making to our customers; the other is to offer them an unmatched experience (opens in a new window). Today, we are leveraging our connectivity, assets, expertise, technology and skills to diversify into new markets. As a trusted operator, we must also take into account the deep inequalities that characterise the digital world. That’s why Orange defines and implements innovation in an inclusive and responsible way (opens in a new window). We owe the success of our strategy to the commitment of our 151,000 employees across the world. We therefore stand by our digital and caring employer (opens in a new window) promise to deliver a unique employee experience to match the experience we aim to give to customers.

Creating value for all our stakeholders

The figure opposite presents the indicators that illustrate the financial and non-financial value we are creating for our stakeholders and for the Group itself. Our large and highly-skilled workforce is one of our greatest assets and we are a leading employer in several countries. The result of an effective innovation and investment policy, our industrial and intellectual assets set us apart from our competitors. The strength of our brand and the extent of our distribution network also provide a competitive advantage. Furthermore, outstanding sales performance across the Group, combined with operational efficiency, have produced excellent financial results. With operations in 27 countries, Orange invests extensively in networks and therefore plays an essential role in regional development and people’s daily lives. We maintain excellent relationships with our suppliers and partners, promoting responsible and ethical collaboration at every stage of the value chain. Moreover, the commitments we have made and the actions we have taken to reduce our carbon footprint and develop a circular economy demonstrate our determination to reduce our environmental impact.

Key considerations