Guiding businesses through their own digital transformation

We believe innovation is essential to grow a business. We position our customers at the heart of everything we do and work with them to develop a more secure and connected digital landscape. Drawing on our dual focus as both a network operator and digital services integrator, we bring together the range of expertise necessary to support them throughout their data “journey”.

Orange strongly believes that businesses will draw greater value from the way they use innovations in data, artificial intelligence and soon 5G, as well as their ability to apply such progress to their business models, than from the technology itself.

Developing new services with IoT

The Internet of Things (IoT) has made it possible to collect data and monitor business activity more easily than ever before, which in turn has led to the creation of new, more flexible and more responsive services. Birdz, a subsidiary of Veolia, has chosen Orange’s LoRa® network to connect a total of more than 3 million smart water meters throughout France to improve services and help its customers bring down the cost of their utility bills. The goal is to connect over 70% of meters to enable remote reading by 2027. In 2018, Orange Business Services launched Datavenue Market, Europe’s first IoT marketplace selling IoT components and connectivity with the LoRa® network.

  • 120,000 connected vehicles enabled by Orange

Solving our customers’ key data challenges so they can thrive in new business ecosystems

Transporting data via smart virtual networks

Orange Business Services pioneers Software-Defined Wide Area Network (SD-WAN) solutions through the cloud using specific software to centrally operate them.

This lets our customers orchestrate their own networks from end to end, connect to the cloud, adjust their bandwidth, download and activate virtual network features (such as security, BGP and acceleration) in real time through a dynamic gateway. That’s what Siemens did when they asked us to transform their network infrastructure. This helps to facilitate their migration to the cloud and roll out an IoT setup connected to their industrial equipment.

  • 220 countries and regions covered by Orange’s IP VPN network

Helping businesses migrate to the cloud

An increasing number of companies are using a multi-cloud environment (public, private and hybrid) to store data and applications. We aim to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of multi-cloud services and generate over 50% of our revenues from the cloud outside France by 2022. This is why we’ve set up strategic partnerships with other key providers in the industry, including VMware and Microsoft Azure. The acquisition of Basefarm in August 2018 strengthened our strategic position by enriching our expertise in state-of-the-art technology for data management, critical application management, big data and multi-cloud services.

  • No.1 supplier of cloud services in France
  • 2,200 cloud experts

Unlocking the potential of data

Organisations and companies see data as an essential asset. To realise the full potential of data, it is essential to choose the right analytical tools. We developed Live Data Hub by tapping into our expertise in the fields of smart cities and data. The solution was launched in 2018 to guide local authorities through the implementation of their data strategy. They are able to better understand their area by collecting, aggregating, analysing and visualising all their data on a secure platform hosted in France. In partnership with Sanoïa, Orange Healthcare leverages machine learning to monitor chronic health problems. Patients suffering from rheumatoid arthritis were asked to wear special movement sensors, which collected a total of 15 million data sets. Analysing this information made it possible to accurately detect flare-ups 96% of the time. In June 2018, we finalised the takeover of Business & Decision, bolstering our skills in data analysis and governance in France and around the world and forging our position as one of Europe’s leading data service providers.

  • 2,400 IoT and data experts

Working together to share and create value

We deploy solutions that enable our customers to interact and work together, both in their teams and on the move, in the most flexible and effective way. Orange Business Services has set up a collaborative platform in the cloud for ICADE, with instant messaging, voice services, online conferencing, an interactive whiteboard and secure document sharing. On behalf of Carsat, France’s regional retirement and occupational health fund, we organised 67 creathons during which 1,500 people took part in defining new managerial strategies, furthering collaborative development and encouraging bottom-up suggestions. Our healthcare solutions help to improve the patient experience. Enovacom, acquired by Orange Healthcare in 2018, launched ENOVACOM Data Repository to bring together patient information on a single technological base that is able to communicate with all the software used by healthcare facilities.

  • 800 experts integrating communication and collaborative solutions

Five keys for the future transformation of companies

The future of networks
The future of work
Artificial intelligence data analysis
Sector-specific innovation

Anticipating threats to protect critical assets

Workplaces are implementing increasingly complex technology, and cyberattacks are becoming more and more elaborate and intrusive. This is why it is essential to possess the most effective detection capabilities possible. Orange Cyberdefense screens over 50 billion events each day so as to be able to react swiftly. This data is fed into our machine learning databases to draw up a variety of different attack scenarios that inform analysts in our monitoring centres. In 2018, New Zealand’s cybersecurity unit CERT NZ chose Orange Cyberdefense to optimise its strategy with automated threat intelligence services. Building on this strong momentum, we announced last year that we would soon be entering the market in Morocco to meet the needs of companies located in Frenchspeaking countries in Africa. Orange also continued to develop its acquisition strategy by taking over the British-based company SecureData.

  • No.1 cyberdefense operator in France
  • 1,500 cybersecurity experts

Qualified to support critical operators

This accreditation granted by the French State authorises us to support France’s critical network operators (including energy, transport and other essential services for people) to detect security incidents.

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