Shaping smart services for everyday living

Orange draws on its expertise in IoT, artificial intelligence, 5G and cybersecurity to develop smart services that make people’s lives easier by responding to their everyday needs.

Connected Home, Protected Home

Orange is now offering Connected Home and Protected Home, a comprehensive offer for a smooth-running, secure home.

The Connected Home package helps families control their home devices remotely, for example managing heating and lighting or programming household appliances from a single mobile app or using our voice-controlled virtual assistant, Djingo. The service, which is integrated into the new Livebox, requires no subscription or additional equipment. It can be used with a broad range of connected devices and appliances sold through Orange or partners including Philips Hue, Bosch and Netatmo.

The Protected Home package was developed in response to one of our customers’ major concerns: home security. Homes are connected to a remote surveillance station that will trigger an emergency call-out to the address in case of an intrusion. The package includes six services – round-the-clock surveillance by an approved remote station, the provision and professional installation and maintenance of security equipment, the mobile app, emergency or security call-out for confirmed incidents and a guard and access control service if required.

2.6 million homes

in France will be eligible for the Connected Home and Protected Home packages when they are launched.


Djingo is a virtual assistant that offers an intuitive and secure voice interface for services provided by Orange and its partners. It is controlled via a smart speaker, microphone-equipped remote control or smartphone. In France today, customers can ask Djingo to access information and entertainment services such as Deezer, Orange Radio, Orange TV and Météo France weather. In the future, they will also be able to access services provided by trusted partners selected by Orange. Djingo will also allow people to access Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa, to offer a wide range of additional services. Lastly, Djingo will offer services to businesses – taking and producing notes, emailing them out and ultimately managing business communication services such as call distribution, telephone conference organisation and appointment bookings.


Telemedicine is the practice of consulting a doctor remotely via videoconference. Since 2018, five telemedicine procedures in France have been eligible for the same State health insurance cover as traditional procedures. Orange Healthcare has developed a number of projects under the French Government’s digital health programme that aims to modernise the health system using innovative technology and services. We provide partners with technological expertise in everything from document transfer to managing critical emergencies. 5G, the preferred system for state-of-the-art telemedicine, will better enable remote services through faster connections and smoother communication for videoconference consultations, but also for critical uses such as emergency triage. But our actions are not limited to 5G. We are providing healthcare stakeholders with comprehensive technical support including data hosting, interoperability of IT systems, security, network infrastructure and project management.

350,000 Orange Energy customers by 2021

As nearly 600 million homes and businesses in rural Africa have no access to electricity, we aim to reach 350,000 Orange Energy customers by 2021.

Digital citizenship

We have developed a civic tech service that encourages people to participate in and contribute to non-profit organisations and companies at a local, regional and national level. “Le Vote” is a free mobile app for users and a website for polling organisers. The service offers a transparent and secret virtual ballot, without storing any personal data on the service’s data base. Decentralised blockchain technology ensures both the organisation and the results of polls are secure. The service enables local councils to send notifications to local voters, inviting them to take part in advisory polls.

Solar energy

Nearly 600 million homes and businesses in rural Africa have no access to electricity. Orange Energy is fulfilling essential needs on the continent, bringing power, communication and access to information to people’s homes. The service uses solar energy to enable people to study, work and access all the entertainment and online services they require. With an Orange solar kit, a family can light their home, charge mobile phones and power a radio or even a television. To subscribe to the service, customers must have an Orange SIM and pay a usage fee. The kit is then installed in their home. Customers pay for what they use, can see how much credit they have left and recharge using Orange Money. Orange Energy was first launched in 2017 in the Democratic Republic of the Congo and Madagascar, before being rolled out in Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Mali, Senegal and Burkina Faso at the end of 2018. We aim to sell 50,000 kits in Africa by the end of 2019.

  • 2 in 3 people in Africa have no access to electricity
  • 10,000 solar kits sold in 2018
  • 7,500 Orange Energy customers in five countries at the end of 2018

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