Unmatched customer experience

The “customer-first” reflex

Our goal is to give our 264 million customers an unmatched omni-channel experience combining human and digital resources. Day in, day out, our frontliners demonstrate ingenuity and commitment to do just that in our stores, call centres, online, in our offices and in our customers’ homes. We always aim to further simplify our services, digitise customer journeys and customise our responses. At the end of 2018, Orange was the company the most likely to be recommended by its customers in 15 out of 23 consolidated countries.

883 Smart Stores across the world

Orange has opened Smart Stores in 16 countries offering a combination of sales channels for a fluid and seamless digital-physical experience. The interactive points of sale, with shop floors ranging from 20 m² to 1,000 m², offer customers innovative services and digital support. To complement our stores, we are continuing to develop an omni-channel distribution experience with our digital retail programme, deploying a multitude of initiatives throughout the world including GPS store localisation, online stock visibility, in-store collection and online sign-up. In Jordan for example, the Sweifieh Smart Store uses electronic price tags to save time and money and reduce the risk of error. In Egypt, employees are using multi-service tablets in around 20 stores.

Round-the-clock customer service with the My Orange app

Using their smartphones, our customers have a simple way to contact us, safe in the knowledge that someone is always available to help. This is what the My Orange app provides for 18.5 million active users across the world. Customers are empowered and have the answers at their fingertips. The app allows them to access important information such as their data usage and contract details and upgrade or change their tariff. Our customers in France can now contact an advisor directly via live chat on the My Orange app.

The Chatbot and AI revolution

We are convinced that customer service is one of our main competitive advantages, particularly with the use of artificial intelligence and chatbot technology. In 2018, we launched customer relationship chatbots in Romania, Jordan and Poland following the successful launches by Orange Bank in France and our customer experience teams in Spain. At Orange Bank, all customer requests made via the mobile app are first processed by our virtual assistant Djingo, which passes them on to an advisor if necessary. Since it was launched, Djingo has had over 1.5 million conversations with our customers. Similarly, the chatbot on the Orange Spain app and website handled around 125,000 conversations on average per month. Altogether, Orange chatbots engaged in almost 3 million conversations in 2018. In 2019, we are aiming for 8 million!

7 times faster broadband

In 2018, we exceeded the objectives we had set for Essentials2020, giving our customers smoother and faster internet access on both fixed and mobile networks. Between 2014 and 2018, we multiplied average broadband speed for fixed internet network users by seven and average speed across mobile networks by three.

Listening and responding to improve customer experience

We have fully transformed the way we operate to place the customer at the centre of our business and to apply our listening and responding principle across the Group. Our Essential Voices programme challenges all employees, whatever their role in the business, to place greater importance on customer feedback. The programme was developed through Group-wide collaboration and, in 2018, shared best practice feedback initiatives from Egypt, Spain and Poland and Orange Business Services. For example, Orange Business Services Egypt trained all 2,000 employees on how to document the customer feedback collected in order to share it across the company and follow up with concrete actions. This focus on listening has a positive impact on the customer journey. The AXiOM programme, which was launched in 2016 and adopted in all countries that provide Orange Money services, has allowed us to analyse and redesign the way customers use our mobile money transfer and payment system. We put ourselves in their position and acted on their feedback – for example by making it easier to open an account and enabling customers to deposit money anywhere and at any time. AXiOM has also helped to bring down the monthly cost of Orange Money-related calls on the helpline in Mali and has halved the number of calls to unlock PIN codes in Madagascar. The listening and responding principle is applied across the entire business to improve customer experience, as testified in the “Customer Experience is Everyone’s Responsibility” video series in which the camera follows members of the Executive Committee for a day in the life at Orange.


customers worldwide


million active users of the My Orange app, 
including 3.5 million in Africa
and the Middle East

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increase in users
of the My Orange app in Africa
and the Middle East in 2018


Smart Stores Group-wide,
including 269 in France, 535 in Europe and 79 in Africa and the Middle East

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to Djingo at Orange Spain were resolved
without any human intervention

Analysing data to sharpen customer insight

To provide an unmatched customer experience tailored to the individual, we need to know who we are talking to and understand the way they use our services. That is what why we collect, process and analyse customer data. Thanks to our Customer Experience Management systems, our advisors have access to information on network issues a customer may have experienced such as telephone or data service problems in a given area or past network incidents. This information enables them to provide personalised answers and advice and also helps our marketing and technical departments make informed decisions about where best to invest to improve the customer experience.

Developing our skills

The importance we give to actively listening to our customers and responding accordingly is embodied by agile working practices and design thinking. For example, 1,000 employees from Orange Business Services completed the CX Makers customer experience training programme. They receive support from CX partners to integrate this priority right from the project development stage (proposals, processes, etc.). Similarly, to keep people at the centre of a world undergoing widespread digital transformation, Orange is looking to develop the interpersonal skills of its employees. The Orange in Touch training programme covers two main aspects of the customer relationship: the mindset and how to do and say things. More than 14,000 employees have completed the programme in 15 of the Group’s countries and businesses. In 2019, we will concentrate efforts on training managers.

3 million conversations

In 2018, customer relationship chatbots at Orange handled 3 million conversations. In 2019, we aim to reach 8 million.

A digital and caring employer