2018 non-financial results

Non-financial criteria are vital to long-term performance. That’s why Orange places corporate social responsibility at the heart of its strategy and takes into account the impacts of its operations on employees, society and the environment. Orange also ensures that human rights are protected not only internally, but also externally by customers and suppliers.

Human rights

Orange was one of the first companies to sign the United Nations Global Compact in 2000 and it actively strives to promote human rights and labour standards, protect the environment and fight corruption. We have made strong commitments with our trade unions to protect the fundamental rights of employees in all our operating countries. As we are well aware, we have a responsibility to ensure everyone within our sphere of influence – suppliers and service providers in particular – complies with our high standards, and as such we were a founding member of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC) initiative. The initiative brings together 16 telecoms operators to monitor, assess and develop CSR implementation throughout the telecoms supply chain. Lastly, to address growing concerns over freedom of expression and internet privacy, we are part of the Global Network Initiative, which aims to protect online privacy in a context of growing surveillance.

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of women
in management networks
(executive and leadership)


Chief Compliance Officers and Compliance Officers and 70 Ethics Advisors and Coordinators


supported by Orange

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Group waste recovery rate in 2018,
up 1.2 points on 2017


CSR audits
carried out in 2018 under
the Joint Audit Cooperation


In 2018, we hired 11,152 people on unlimited contracts, 12% more than the previous year. At year-end, the Group had 150,711 active employees, with 147,123 on unlimited contracts and 3,588 on temporary contracts. With 4,887 people on work-study contracts in France in 2018, we are also supporting the professional integration of young people. Our diversity policy is in line with in our digital and caring employer promise. Gender equality, disability inclusion and equal opportunities are priorities across all our entities.


Digital technologies are a strong driver of social and regional development. At Orange, we are expanding our network coverage, but also working to overcome the digital divide often created by age, vulnerability and disability. We also support entrepreneurs in all our operating countries and subsidiaries, particularly through our Orange Fab network that comprises 16 start-up accelerators across four continents. Lastly, our connectivity solutions enable us to deliver essential services in finance, energy access, agriculture, health and online education.

The environment

We are reducing the environmental impact of our products and services across their entire life cycle by integrating the circular economy in all our processes and operations. By 2020, we aim to collect 30% of unwanted mobiles from customers in Europe. In 2018, we reached 15.4%, which took the total number of mobiles collected since 2010 to 13 million. We are also working to minimise the impact of our networks and IT systems that represent 82.1% of our energy use and 80.2% of CO2 emissions. The Green ITN 2020 programme, which has been deployed across most of our operating countries, has slowed the growth of our energy consumption (Scope 1 and 2) to 0.45% compared with 2017 levels, despite a continuing rise in usages (4% in the most representative countries).